UEFI PXE Boot Steps – WDS Server 2012 R2

https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/cd7b3950-fe5a-4591-aeb1-e9c567f00540/uefi-pxe-boot-steps-wds-server-2012-r2?forum=mdt       Sign in to vote In my own setup i use a W2012R2 DHCP server. (and W2012 R2 WDS) And with help of vendor classes and DHCP Policy’s I can redirect my clients to the appropiate WDS boot file. Vendorclass: PXEClient:Arch:00007 =UEFi PXE x64 Vendorclass: PXEClient:Arch:00006 =UEFI PXE x86 Venderclass: PXEClient:Arch:00000= BIOS Legacy […]

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